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Program has two primary uses;

  1. Purchase-Leaseback of existing property owned by municipal/quasi-governmental entities and ...
  2. Build-to-Suit-Leaseback construction financing of new projects to municipal/quasi-governmental entities.


  • Properties must be fully occupied by cities, towns, counties, institutions of higher learning (public and private colleges and universities including community colleges), and other municipal jurisdictions such as airport authorities, hospital authorities and water authorities.
  • For new construction, developers must be financially stable with a significant track record of successfully completed projects. General contractors must be financially stable, bondable and capable of executing a Guaranteed Maximum Price contract. A comprehensive insurance package will be developed on a project-by-project basis.

Property Types:

  • Any property including office buildings, parking garages, hospitals, airports, industrial/warehouses/storage facilities, libraries and other special use properties such as water and sewer treatment plants.
  • Higher education opportunities include student housing, classrooms, administrative buildings, parking garages, stadiums and arenas.

Purchase Price/Project Size:

$5 million to $100 million +. Effectively no size limit.

Lease Structure/Tenant:

Absolute NNN capital/finance lease with date-certain rent commencement language with a municipal/quasi-governmental entity having a bond rating of BBB or greater. Each lease is structured to meet the needs of the selling entity for +/- 25 years. At the conclusion of the lease, the property reverts back to the municipality/tenant.


We can close in as little as 30 days following finalization of the lease document.

Municipal financing is available throughout the United States.

Contact us for more information.

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