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August 25, 2010: Conduit Financial Partners Press Release

Welcome to Conduit Financial Partners

Are you among the growing number of privately owned businesses that are struggling to maintain financial support from banks and other traditional lending institutions? Have you had your credit line rescinded or loan request declined despite your business' consistent performance? You need an ally, a financial partner with access to non-traditional and private lending resources that can secure the cash flow needs of your business - you need Conduit Financial Partners.

Conduit Financial Partners offers multi-faceted funding programs to meet the dynamic and specific cash flow needs of your company. By utilizing our expertise, you will continue to succeed in your area of expertise.

We work as your business partner by offering:

Quick & Easy Financing (yes, really ...)

The Conduit Financial Partners team has more than 20-years of experience in the financial industry and is committed to helping businesses quickly obtain the funding they need. When traditional lenders are unresponsive or can't act fast enough, Conduit Financial Partners stands as a reliable ally. Our primary goal is to make the funding process as quick and as simple as possible for you, so that you can get back to business!

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